Location Selection Criteria

Chain-up stations must be close in proximity to where chain laws are put into effect. For this project, the Colorado Department of Transportation is designing chain-up stations adjacent to Hoosier Pass (Northbound CO 9) and Kenosha Pass (Southbound US 285).

Chain-up station locations must:

  • Be easily visible from the highway

  • Include enough parking spaces to accommodate a projected number of trucks

  • Offer adequate lighting and separation from the roadway to ensure driver safety as they mount traffic devices

  • Provide proper advance warning signs

  • Have adequate sight distance to safely enter and exit the highway

A chain-up station location must avoid:

  • A series of smaller chain-up station locations

  • CMVs stopping on the road partially blocking travel lanes and creating a roadway hazard

  • Large environmental impacts

  • Impacts to access points for residential driveways

Proposed Locations

Proposed Layouts

Southbound US 285 Proposed Layout

Northbound CO 9 Proposed Layout