US 285 & CO 9 Truck Chain-Up Stations Design

Welcome to the Colorado Department of Transportation's Region 2 Truck Chain-Up Station Design Project

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Project Purpose

Vehicle traction issues resulting from winter storms on Colorado mountain roadways create safety and operational issues on steep grades, particularly mountain passes. Spun-out vehicles on Kenosha and Hoosier passes block traffic and require unnecessary roadway closures. This design project aims to address these issues by impelementing designated safe and reliable locations for both commercial and passenger vehicles to chain up, increasing compliance during Colorado Chain Law events on southbound US Highway 285 (US 285) near Grant and northbound Colorado Highway 9 (CO 9) near Alma in Park County.

Safety Benefits

  • Creates safe location for motorists to stop and chain up

  • Encourages compliance with Colorado Chain Laws

  • Decreases the likelihood of Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) crashes and incidents due to weather, avoiding major back-ups or highway closures

Increasing Chain Law Occurrences

US 285 - Experienced an increase from 19 Chain Law occurrences over 6 days in 2016 to 83 occurrences over 36 days in 2019.

CO 9 - Experienced an increase from 51 Chain Law occurrences over 48 days in 2016 to 166 occurrences over 79 days in 2019.

Standard Chain Station Operations

  • Only used when Chain Law is in effect

  • Long-term parking not allowed

  • Increases ability to enforce Chain Law (law enforcement can ticket and turn around non-compliers)

  • Trash and snow removal by CDOT

  • Speed limit reduction by 10 mph during Chain Law events using digital Variable Speed Limit signs.


  • Lights on only when Chain Law is in effect during nighttime hours

  • Use shields to minimize glare

  • Lights downward directed towards trucks to minimize ambient light


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